Obama Celebrates Biden’s Birthday By Tweeting Own Joe Biden Meme

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  • Ah, the perennial and beloved character of Joe Biden. More or less created by The Onion, this Joe Biden was the kind of man who would mow the lawn shirtless, buy tickets to a heavy metal band for his young nephew and generally be the well intentioned gross American uncle goofball to play against the character of the peeved, classy and good natured Barack Obama. That take quickly went into meme form on Twitter with “Biden Pranking the Trump Administration”, “Biden Freaking Out Over Two Quarters” and “Biden Has Weird Conversations with Barack Obama”, and now, for Biden’s birthday, Barack Obama shocked the internet by posting a Biden meme of his own…

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  • We love it. It’s so so cute. Remember when the presidency wasn’t manned by the kind of human being who would be a massive concern even if they weren’t president? Ahh… stressful. What do you think of Obama’s mastery of the Biden meme? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

    Also, remember when Barack Obama surprised Joe Biden and gave him the Presidential Medal of Honor when he wasn’t expecting it and everyone cried? I do! Check it out here!

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