Be Taken Back to Childhood With 1988 Video of Child Losing His Mind Over Nintendo

Yes! Yes! Go back to those halcyon days! Yes!
By Alex Firer
  • Let’s get us prepared for the holiday season, and the most important holiday tradition of videos of people opening up gifts and freaking out about them. One of the internet’s first viral videos, after all, is a young kid opening up an N64 and losing their mind over it. Well, here’s another video sure to send you into spirals of holiday season nostalgia — a Redditor known only as “Smulz” posted a video of him weeping with joy over his new gift of a Nintendo.

    Yes! Yes! Fly out of your adulthood doldrums into the world of a child overjoyed and confused at getting a Nintendo system! Listen as the mom says he’s wanted one for two months and marvel at how long two months must feel to a child! Have your heart melt as the child runs out to grab some money to pay his dad for the gift and be told “nay my boy, for it is gift we are giving you!” Ah, memories. Now every day is a tedious act of misery except for those brief moments when we watch videos online. Or when we play Clu Clu Land. Remember Clu Clu Land? I remember Clu Clu Land.

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