Seth Meyers Takes “A Closer Look” At Trump’s Terrible Tax Plan

The real question is, does Trump even understand his own plan?
By Alex Firer
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  • Seth Meyers’ latest Closer Look took aim at Donald Trump’s tax plan — and with good reason — it’s really bad and it doesn’t seem like Donald Trump truly understands it! That’s the first thing that Seth Meyers covered — pointing out that he describes his tax plan like a man who forgot to buy his wife a gift for her anniversary.

    Seth Meyers then gets down to the brass tacks of things, pointing out how the tax plan would actually raise taxes on at least half of the households in America. What’s more, 37 out of 38 economists said the tax plan would grow the debt, with the 38th one saying he misread the question. Nice. So the bill raises taxes on the middle class and rolls back deductions on the middle class, including grad students who would have to pay thousands more despite, as Seth Meyers puts it, them dressing like they were “dropped naked into a Salvation Army and had 90 seconds to pick out some clothes.” Nice.

    In any case — this tax plan is designed, as Seth Meyers points out, to help millionaires the way the purge is designed to help murderers, and it’s better maybe to — not pass it? Maybe? In any case, it’s great that Seth Meyers is putting these issues into such simple eat to understand ways.

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