Watching One Million Dominoes Fall is Freakishly Satisfying

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  • My goodness. It’s like visual ASMR. If you haven’t heard of Hevesh5 — real name Lily Hevesh — then you absolutely will now. Lily has one of the oddest, rarest and stunningly odd jobs we’ve ever seen — she is a professional “Domino Artist.” Bring Lily to one of your events, ask her to promote your movie, or just tune into her YouTube channel every week, and you will be blessed with the sight of dominoes falling to create a stunning design.

    Sometimes it’s deceptively simple — a row of dominoes toppling to let us see Super Mario’s Yoshi throwing an egg. Sometimes the design is unbelievable in how the falling of the dominoes is part of the fun — such as a yin and yang symbol which creates a spiral when the dominoes topple. Every time, however, it is just a pure pleasure to behold — which is why Lily Hevesh has been uploaded by other YouTubers in compilation unto infinity. Lily decided — well, why should these other uploaders have all the fun! Hevesh uploaded her own compilation, and folks… it is beautiful.

    If you thought one domino falling compilation was satisfying, try ten pure minutes of visual and aural ASMR madness. You’ll see dominoes fall to create Sonic the Hedgehogs, Nemos, Kirbies, Playstation controllers, Pac-Men, NFL logos (sorry, there’s one non-nerd thing in here), and you’ll see the dominoes fall to create incredible patterns. The best part? It just goes on. Ten pure minutes of hypnotic domino wonder. If it’s any wonder, it’s already hit 1.5 million views on YouTube! What a dream.

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    Also, if you want to see precious works of art fall perilously like dominoes — check it out here.

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