New Yorker Short Story Goes Viral, Literary Golden Age at Hand?!

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  • It seems ridiculous to even say it out loud, but folks — for the first time in a long time, a New Yorker short story has all the world talking. A short story titled “Cat Person,” by writer Kristen Roupenian describes a courtship through the point of view of a twenty-year-old and an awkward and, in her eyes, grotesque thirty-five year old. The details of it — palpable mediocrity and the description of our worst vices and awful sex that you have just out of politeness that you later regret — have gotten the Internet talking, discussing and, in a rare moment for Twitter, considering the nuance of a good short story.

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  • Many were struck by the story’s unbelievable relatability — a woman trying not to hurt a man at the expense of her own comfort and happiness — and it is that that propelled the story forward in popularity. Many others were critical of the story’s fatphobia, and certain men were critical of the protagonist as judgmental, not understanding that well, but that’s not the point! It’s a short story, not a memoir, the character is in a tough situation, but imperfect, and that’s okay! Although, there’s one thing everyone can agree on. That image on the story is a jarring thing to just have crawl across your feed.

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