Cardi B Releases New Single! Bartier Cardi (feat. 21 Savage)

More Cardi B is always more excitement.
By Alex Firer
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  • Cardi B is enjoying a moment that — thanks to her super charming personality, as evidenced in this now viral Jimmy Fallon interview — and her incredibly fun music — is sure to not go anywhere anytime soon. Cardi B is keeping the momentum going with a new single released today — Bartier Cardi (feat. 21 Savage)! You can listen to it above, and folks, we are loving it.

    The song is a banger, outlining — basically the opulent fun and greatness of Cardi B. Cardi B covered in diamonds, Cardi B generally having a good time, and Cardi B moonwalking through my clique. Not my clique! Oh Cardi B. Here’s a sample —

    Who get this mothafucker started? (Cardi)

    Who took your bitch out to party? (Cardi)

    I took your bitch in the party (Cardi)

    Who that be fly as a Martian? (Cardi)

    Who that on fleek in the cut? (Cardi)

    Who got the bricks in the truck? (Cardi)

    Them diamonds gon’ hit like a bitch on a bitch ass bitch

    Bitch, you a wannabe Cardi

    Red bottom M.J. moonwalk on a bitch

    Moonwalkin’ through your clique

    I’m moonwalkin’ in the 6

    Sticky with the kick, moonrocks in this bitch

    I from the motherfuckin’ Bronx (Bronx)

    I keep the pump in the trunk (trunk)

    Bitch if you bad then jump (jump)

    Might lead your bitch in a slump (your back)

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