Costumed T-Rexes Crash MSNBC

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  • The internet has gotten quite a bit of mileage out of that massive T-Rex costume — and recently a lot of it has been political! Wether the T-Rex costume makes Donald Trump nervous on Halloween or protests the White House en masse, you never know when these costumes creatures are going to show up next — much less MSNBC!

    It’s a mystery why these three T-Rexes showed up in the background of a conversation about Trump’s tax bill? Could it be because they thought that the tax bill is as useless and limbering at a tyrannosaurus rex — and one that is set to put the American middle class into the pile of extinction that we have been avoiding for oh so long? Is it because they are attempting to bring eyeballs back to American journalism and demanding the reporters ask tougher questions just as the t-rex would be tough on the tiny smaller dinosaurs it loves to eat. Or did they just think it was silly and funny and want to have silly fun? Mysteries abound.

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