The Hilarious Reasons Celebs BLOCKED People on TWITTER

People shared stories about getting blocked by Amy Schumer, Donald Trump, Rihanna, and even Logan Paul’s mom.
By Alejandra Moedano
  • Twitter — everyone is accessible, and everyone is blockable. Welcome to the world we live in. In a recent thread, people revealed the hilarious reasons they’ve been blocked by people like Amy Schumer, Rihanna, Donald Trump, and even Logan Paul’s mom.

    It all started when @Gon_Ride posted this tweet: “Name a reason why somebody blocked/unfollowed you.”

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  • Now, this is just a normal guy on Twitter, but his question was so good, the thread blew up with over 3,000 replies.

    And, they were all amazing. Here are some of our favorites —

    Twitter user @filmystic tweeted: “I referred to @ScottBaio‘s Trump sock his “jerk sock.”

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  • @mikeplugh said: “I was blocked by Rob Schneider back in 2013 for this. Not even good work on my part. I could have come up with 10,000 things better if I knew I was going to be blocked.”

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  • And, @tonyposnanski was blocked by Donald Trump because he said, “eating spoonfuls of Miracle Whip has a higher approval rating than he does.”

    So, what do you think? Is @-replying celebrities and politicians fun and fair? Have you ever been blocked by a celebrity on social media?

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