Logan Paul Hints at Comeback in TMZ Clip

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  • Lo and behold, watching me awaken this morning when I was asked: “What wins in the eternal battle — the brashness of YouTube star and scandal laden corpse finder Logan Paul — or the obnoxiousness of celebrity harassment machine TMZ?” Well, I don’t know — but I know I feel for Logan Paul for this one. All over the Internet, the headline was plastered “Logan Paul Thinks He Deserves Second Chance,” and when I watch the video I see the actual exchange — guys. Look. There’s a lot here, but the story is different than the one we think we’re seeing.

    Logan Paul looks sober, stunned and clearly affected by the last half month of the entire world thinking he is a massive sociopath. When TMZ asks him: “Do you think you deserve a second chance,” Logan Paul tries to ignore them and when they bark it at him a few more times he turns and says “everyone deserves a second chance.”

    The most promising thing was when TMZ asked Logan Paul if he has a message to YouTube — he only says: “It’s coming.” Hmm. More Logan Paul content on its way? I mean, we knew he wasn’t going to leave forever, but what could it be? And, is the public ready for it? Should he do it? So many questions.

    I hope it’s just him finding a corpse again — but respectfully this time. Just learning the wrong lesson all over.

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