Someone Redid the Lady Bird Trailer So Every Word Is Screamed

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  • As a certain cult favorite cartoon would always remind us — everything is funnier when screamed. This is the thinking, at least, behind this incredible and very funny re-edit of the Lady Bird trailer where every single line is screamed. Done by Twitter user @laterchalamet, we hear the subtle glorious acting of Lady Bird transformed into high pitched screams as characters shriek their beautiful subtle moments in an odd and exaggerated voice. It’s just lovely.

    Lady Bird just got nominated for a slew of Oscars, and I say, if it wants to win it, it has to give us the all screaming edit that fans are demanding. No more gosh darned subtle normal talking for us, alright?< I want to see more screaming! Screaming Lady Bird, screaming Shape of Water, even screaming Call Me By Your Name. Wait, what’s that? This user already made his own screaming Call Me By Your Name? Well, let’s see it then!

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  • Crazy town. What do you think of these screaming movies though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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