2-Year-Old SMOKING TODDLER Video Goes Viral In Russia

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  • A video posted in Russia shows a 2-year-old boy smoking a cigarette while adults in the background laugh. The video went viral in Russia and some people were outraged. It was eventually removed from YouTube for “violating community guidelines.”

    Oh man, do you think this will hurt the child’s brand deals? He’ll have to release a whole anti-smoking documentary series now to keep all his fans.

    A few UK publications are also reporting that the child in the video uses a homophobic slur to refer to people he knows. Police discovered the video originated in the city of Vladikavkaz in southwest Russia.

    According to RadioFreeEurope, the toddler’s uncle, Aslan Dzavlayev, was given a fine of 3,000 Rubles (about $50). He said giving the boy cigarettes was “just a joke, to make fun.” Well, Russia’s ministry of health isn’t laughing! All of this in Russia — a country which is amongst those with the heaviest population of smokers in the world! Ah well.

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