Bad Lip Reading Does the NFL 2018

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  • Every sports game is filled with moments where the camera peers over the field, and we see the players whispering something to each other, the coach whispering something to the players, and the fans mouthing their cries of support to all of the players on the field. Of course, I want to figure out what they said (boy, what I wouldn’t give to hear what Tom Brady said after he threw that invisible ball and sulked back to the bench), and Bad Lip Reading, well… reading lips badly is what they do! So, Bad Lip Reading went from the stands to go in and put words into the mouth of the NFL, perfect for our post Super Bowl recovery week.

    Bad Lip Reading takes every possible clip from the NFL — coaches mouthing something on the sidelines, interviews with players, talking head stingers — even a guy talking to no one which they label as “talking to a ghost” — and play their sweet absurdist dialogue over it. And, for the people who say nothing? Just make little mouth movements? Disgusting chewing sound effects. Lovely.

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