Boston Dynamics’ Door Opening Robot Terrifies All

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  • Whenever Boston Dynamics releases a new video of one of its robots doing something exciting, everyone trots out the same old jokes — ahh, the robot wars are here, blah blah blah… well, guess what you guys. The robot wars are HERE. The robot wars are ON OUR DOORSTEP. And, you know what the robots are going to do once they’re on our doorstep? Why — they’re going to open the door! It will be terrible, just terrible!

    Boston Dynamics released a video of a door opening robot doing what a robot does best — walking up to a door and gosh darned it— opening it. The video is titled, “Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?” — which, if a robot tells me, I will absolutely scream. The war is coming. And, there will be no hiding behind doors for the humans, because thanks to Boston — they can open them now.

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