Jordan Peele Is First African American Writer to Win Best Original Screenplay

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  • Hopefully it will be the first of many victories for Jordan Peele tonight after Get Out won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. The Best Original Screenplay Award has historically gone to the film with the most explosive and incredible premise and ideas, and Get Out is, of course, that film by a mile and a half this year. Heck, it’s already being taught at a plethora of universities, and a historic moment as Jordan Peele is the first African American man to win for Best Original Screenplay. This is absolutely something to celebrate on a historic night for cinema.

    You can read the Academy Award-winning screenplay for Get Out here, and just enjoy the brilliant writing of Jordan Peele, a man who we hope to see win an award like this again and again and again. Godspeed.

    Other winners tonight so far have included Sam Rockwell for Best Supporting Actor, Kobe Bryant and Glen Keane for Best Animated Short, and more.

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