WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars 2018 Opening Monologue

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  • Jimmy Kimmel opened up his Academy Awards with an incredible monologue that acknowledged issues both serious and frivolous. From the Oscar screw up last year where the wrong Academy Award winner was announced, to just how far we’ve come since like… since March. March was when we thought it was impossible to put a woman or a person of color in a major superhero film. The opening monologue was very human, sharp, and incredibly funny. It pulled no punches towards the issues facing Hollywood, and Kimmel’s now famous and celebrated social streak as he encouraged those who win to use their victory to say whatever they want and to support whomever they want, including the Parkland march.

    Kimmel, of course, discussed the Oscar mess up from last year, saying that he was asked if he wanted to do comedy with the accountants, and while he said no, apparently the accountants had some fun on their own. Kimmel then talks about sexism in the industry, throwing barbs at Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg and, of course, Harvey Weinstein. He covers the progress we made, and in a sharp and incredible way. It’s an excellent monologue and you can watch it above!

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