John Oliver Opens the Portal to Gaze Into the Dark Eye of NRA TV

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  • Did you know the NRA had a straight-up streaming television network? Like it’s Netflix or, as John Oliver calls it, a cheap Fox News or something? It’s true! Apparently streaming on Amazon and Roku and the like — the NRA’s cable channel doubles as both a propaganda network for the people it’s trying to influence, and, as John Oliver explored on Last Week Tonight’s segment — a deeply weird portal into something strange and unseemly. A doomsday world where women give each other canvasses covered with shot up paint cans, or where death is — considered a good thing?

    One of the funniest and most shocking parts of the segment comes when John Oliver watches a hunting video where the narrator says that death is an everyday part of life and that marijuana is a… prostitute? Do they slut shamed marijuana? Crazy! Even though it’s about the NRA, this segment is a little more fun than those in the past. It’s only tangentially about the world completely falling apart. As John Oliver puts it — it’s like the party hat on a bear. The worry isn’t the hat, it’s the jaws!

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