SXSW: Lauren Lapkus and Nick Rutheford Discuss Threesomes and Comedy

Lauren Lapkus and Nick Rutheford promote their new, unique comedy, "The Unicorn," which explores relationships and threesomes.
By Alex Firer
  • Have you heard of the term “unicorn”? Oh, what’s that? Do you need me to explain it to you? Well, I will gladly do so! A unicorn is a person willing to enter a couple’s relationship as a sexual third with no strings or emotions attached, and the just-premiered movie “The Unicorn,” starring Lauren Lapkus and Nick Rutheford, explores just this kind of relationship. Shira Lazar discussed the movie at SXSW with the stars as they delved into the film, and their performances.

    Lapkus and Rutheford — who play a couple who look for a unicorn to spice up their relationship — discuss how they kept their performances grounded, to make sure the strange unicorns they meet pop all the more. Nick talks about how much they love watching the movie with an audience, and how they had a lot of fun playing off of one another.

    Shira then asks the duo what the audience can learn about relationships from watching the film. Lauren thinks the cool thing about the story is it gets audiences to think about their own relationships — do they want this kind of relationship, do they need this kind of relationship? Nick mentions how the wisest thing he’s heard about a relationship is you have to choose to be in a relationship every day when you’re in one — knowing you’re trying to make the relationship work.

    Shira asks the comedians if people are too offended at comedy these days and if it makes it harder for them. Lauren discusses how it does make it harder, but often the progress is a sign of societal good, and Nick Rutheford mentions that most offensive jokes are usually easy low hanging fruit.

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