Racist Insults Hurled at Walmart Between Customer and Employee

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  • It’s time for another racial tirade at a Walmart — this time in Dearborn, Michigan.

    A woman and her friend, who are Arab American, were using the dressing room at the Walmart without realizing that it was closed (though, the doors were locked, so they would have had to crawl under).

    An employee, who is African American, approached them and banged on the dressing room door, and then the racial argument started. According to the employee, the woman in the dressing room started this argument by yelling something about collard greens and hair weaves. And, if you listen closely, it sounds like the girl in the dressing room says something about “you’re black.”

    One of the customers posted this video to the Dearborn Area Community Members Facebook page and wrote on her post: “I am in disbelief that Walmart hires employees that do not adhere to Walmart’s mission and customer service standards. My friend and I are in utter disbelief, we feel marginalized, disrespected and discriminated against.”

    In an interview with the local Fox affiliate, one of the customers said that her friend did make racial comments to the employee, but that doesn’t mean she deserves the death threats she’s received since the video was posted. The woman who filmed the video, Banine Al-mosawi also posted it to her own Facebook page, though she doesn’t mention that her friend may have also used racist language as well.

    This is a different situation than the typical viral racist rant in that both sides may be at fault.

    Who do you guys believe in this situation? Let us know in the comments.

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