VIDEO: Ellen Interviews the Yodeling Walmart Boy

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  • Ellen DeGeneres’ show has become this unofficial post-mortem for viral video stars as we find out a little more about who they are, why they’re here, why they asked Wendy’s for all of those chicken nuggets, and what they’re all about. Usually, in the end, she makes them cry too, like when that Justin Timberlake selfie kid met Justin Timberlake, and her interview with the yodeling Walmart boy was no exception. I’m getting ahead of myself, however. Let’s back up.

    Mason Ramsey is an eleven-year-old who was spotted singing a Hank Williams song in a Walmart, went on Ellen, talked about how he felt in a big city (he’s a down-home country boy at heart), and how he feels right at home lying down in a massive bale of hay and sleeping with a weed in his mouth. You know, like a southern cartoon mascot I guess.

    Mason performs “Lovesick Blues” in a big old cowboy hat on Ellen, and then Ellen comes out and surprises him (and makes him cry) by getting him stage time at the Grand Ol’ Opry!

    And, that’s not all — Walmart is also going to hold a concert for Mason and help him go to college by giving him $15,000.

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