Can you raise the bar on a ten-year-old meme? Well, Rick Astley did just that.
  • The Rickroll is, at this point, ten-years-old — a song that (when we hear it) interrupts an otherwise appropriate situation. Giving a toast at a wedding? Why, would that toast not be marginally funnier with a little Rickroll thrown in? Well, now that this meme has been beyond well trod, how do we top it? Maybe with the appearance of the actual man who will never give you up himself — Rick Astley!

    Brandon Gonez, a weatherman on Canada’s “Your Morning” was given a surprise when the green screen with the weather map behind him suddenly transformed into Rick Astley’s famed video for “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Gonez is shocked, and the shock heightens when he is surprised by the man himself, Rick Astley, who comes on before his interview to dance with the weatherman and announce the oncoming highs. I’ll tell you one high that’s hard to beat — the high of watching Rick Astley enjoy his Internet meme legend! My goodness!

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