Woman Almost Sucked Out of Window on Disastrous Southwest Flight

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  • It’s true that you are much more likely to get killed on the road than you are in the sky, which makes the times when a flight goes disastrously wrong — when the fail-safes kept in place to keep a normal flight from becoming tragic fail — all the more terrifying.

    One is dead following the combustion of the left engine of a Southwest Airline flight from New York’s LaGuardia airport to Dallas’ Love Field. A window shattered open and one woman came very close to being sucked out of it before being dragged back by her father. The flight ultimately landed in Philadelphia.

    One man, Marty Martinez, ran a Facebook Live video of his descent, thinking they were his last moments. It’s a harrowing thing to watch. Martinez also later reported that “there was blood everywhere” — possibly from the person who passed away, whose identity is yet unclear.

    Our thoughts are with the victims.

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