VIDEO: Mason “Yodeling Kid” Ramsey Releases New Single ‘Famous’

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  • Ever since we first witnessed Mason Ramsey, more popularly known as the Yodeling Walmart Kid, we joined the Internet in a curious adoration. Who is this odd child, with his crooning Hank Williams tune? What does he represent? What is he all about? Why is he in a Walmart? Can I yodel? No, I can’t yodel. Why can’t I yodel?

    Anyway, since then Maskon Ramsey has appeared on Ellen where he talked about sleeping in a big pile of straw with a weed in his mouth, had a conceptual artist make a toy out of his glorious yodeling boy visage, and has even appeared at Coachella.

    Well, Ramsey’s inexplicable rise to having an actual music career is not yet over, and in fact, maybe only beginning with the release of Mason Ramsey’s new single “Famous”. The child croons (doesn’t yodel, unfortunately) about how despite being extremely famous, he wants to be famous for (get this) loving the woman of his dreams. Aww!

    The song feels a little odd for an 11-year-old to sing, what with its themes of astronomical fame and extremely mature love, but look — do you want Mason Ramsey to go away and miss out on his surly teen years? I don’t think so! Mason Ramsey, entertain us forever on end!

    Mason’s single can be purchased or listened to here.

    What do you think of Mason Ramsey’s first single? Let us know in the comments!

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