VIDEO: Kanye Says Slavery Was a Choice, Gets Called Out in TMZ Interview

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  • Kanye West currently seems to treasure something he calls his element of “free thought”, which while normally would mean thought going against the grain reflecting your true self, but in this case just means “contrarian” and “I love Trump and alt-right dudes now, sorry“. Case in point — this TMZ interview. Recently, it seems that Kanye went further than just wearing the MAGA hat, he retweeted a text from a MAGA supporter espousing the oft-repeated line that Lincoln, who was responsible for the emancipation proclamation, was a Republican, making Republicans the true party that supports black people, thus ignoring all the love of the Confederacy and other forms of racism that we’ve seen more recently from the modern Republican party, and the fact that the parties switched allegiances with FDR.

    Apparently, this type of thinking goes even deeper than imaginable because Kanye called slavery a choice on TMZ, apparently based on the fact that it lasted for 400 years and was so far-reaching. I think it goes without saying that American slavery was not a choice, and those big numbers just speak to the horror of this blemish on history. Watch the clip below.

  • Kanye then crashed the TMZ newsroom to ask the employees if he is thinking freely, which is apparently the most important thing for Kanye West as he supports a white supremacist leader. A TMZ employee identified only as Van from our Newsroom on TMZ’s website, stood up and confronted Kanye West on his actions that were hurting people as a stunned Kanye stared on. Van went on about how he thinks Kanye is not thinking anything, is ignoring facts and hurting the black community who may not have the protection of celebrity and wealth that he does. Watch the clip below.

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  • Damn, Van. That was incredible.

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