Sounds like someone missed out on "People Are Not Fish: 101".
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  • Ah, graduation day. That day when we celebrate the completion of a higher education, as we welcome our infinitely hardworking students into the incredible realm of adulthood. But you know who doesn’t graduate from college? Goldarn pelicans! No wonder this guy is so angry. The doors of higher education are closed to him and his beautiful beak pouch! In the video above, we see a pelican attack the audience at a Pepperdine University graduation as four suited men try to shoo him out of there.

    I’m kind of jealous of the pelican. Imagine having a bird brain so tiny you don’t know when you’re absolutely hated. Ah, that’s the dream. I would just stare at the situation and quietly sob out, “Surely you don’t mean… me”. I mean, that’s why the video of me snapping at a graduation isn’t going to be as fun. It’ll just be a guy sobbing quietly, “They don’t… like me”. Pelican, I admire your confidence.

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