"Deadpool in the Rye"
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  • Deadpool has become such a recent seeming cultural phenomenon, because of the movies, that it’s easy to forget that the character, for the longest time, was one of those cult hits Marvel has always had buried in its catalog. Deadpool was funny, rude, weird, everything he is now, so it’s no mystery why entertainment journalist, IGN’s Max, made a book report about Deadpool, and he lived out every Deadpool fan’s dream when he got to show Ryan Reynolds his book report on the red carpet.

    “This is amazing”, says Reynolds, but Max says, no sir, it is you who is amazing! Reynolds does what any logical human being would do when faced with a book report the person across from him made as a child based on the character he now embodies — he offered marriage. Sorry, Blake Lively! Should have done more book reports on comic books, I guess!

    The report got a B- by the way.

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