Doppler meow, incoming.
  • Look, we here at What’s Trending love videos of animals in insane situations, and I have to say — the cat in this video makes those aforementioned screaming lynxes look like absolute wusses. A woman in Nebraska took this video of a car flying down the interstate. She was able to get the attention of the driver in question (who she saw pullover), and now, the Humane Society is in search of this individual. So, now the questions beckons — what exactly is going on here? We can only guess, right?

    Is this a Home Alone situation where the family forgot that the cat wasn’t in the car and this is how it tries to hang on? Is this some kind of Tom and Jerry/Tweety and Sylvester situation? Or maybe a… Flannery O’Connor “Good Man is Hard to Find” kind of thing? Man, I hope not. That story ended, dark!

    Still, I know one thing. I would NOT seem that chill sitting on top of a car! What is going on here?

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