Fine Brothers Bring Popular “React” Series to TV With Your Help

Fine Brothers Bring Popular "React" Series to TV With Your Help
By Mai Linh Nguyen
  • YouTube giants, The Fine Brothers, are bringing their popular “React” series to Nickelodeon…as long as Nickelodeon thinks people will actually watch it.

    The “React” series, wherein different groups of people react to various viral videos, has continually been brothers Benny and Rafi Fine’s most popular videos.  Last month the brothers took the kids and teens of these series, teamed up with Nick Cannon and his production team, and filmed a TV pilot based on the web series called “React To That.”

    The brothers are now calling on their audience to help bring the vision of their web-series to television a reality. How can fans help?

    Click here to visit the Variety article written about the brothers and their success, and leave a comment letting people know how excited you’d be if “React To That” was added to Nickelodeon’s line up!

    You can also click here, to tweet Nickelodeon how much you want to be able to watch “React To That” every week, right on your TV!

    We at What’s Trending wish Benny, Rafi, and their team the best of luck in this endeavor! So do your part, and start sharing!