Rosario Dawson and Diego Luna on “Cesar Chavez”

Check out Shira's chat with the director and the stars of "Cesar Chavez" at SXSW!
By Molly Semes
  • The new film, Cesar Chavez, directed by Diego Luna and starring Rosario Dawson in is based on the life of the farm worker and labor leader.

    Shira sits down with them at SXSW to hear about the making of the film and what it’s like to recreate someone’s life on film. Dawson said her character, the real-life Dolores Huerta, tweeted her and said she loved the performance and was happy that Dawson played her. Dawson was very relieved.

    “It’s been a long time and it hasn’t been celebrated in film so finally young people will be able to watch and know who Cesar Chavez is,” Luna said.

    “We’re all talking about fair trade and fair wages. It could be very encouraging for young people taking on food justice issues now to see what they can do today learning from what they did then and know that they’re joining a really amazing history of people who care and can make a difference,” Dawson added.

    Check it out and let us know in the comments what you think of their take on it and if you are eagerly awaiting the film like we are! The film is in theaters March 28.