Social Media is Actually About OMG!, Bacon, Made-Up Stats

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  • The Poke and Made Up Stats have created a cheeky parody of Socialnomics author Erik Qualman‘s video series, “Social Media Revolution,” which keeps viewers well-informed and up-to-date on the nature of the ever-growing beasts that are social media and the Internet.

    Did you know that social media is not about people, but rather about  made-up statistics, hyperbole, exaggeration and damned lies, along with OMG!, boobs, bacon, porn, and other necessary services that allow us to trudge through everyday life?

    This laundry list, of course, includes YouTube, providing us with parody videos such as the one above, which tells us that if you arrange every MySpace user in a line, it would stretch almost all the way around Facebook’s head offices. Well, now that we know, we can move on to even more in-depth research that will resolve the enigma that is the digital age – that is, until the next video pops up.

    Below, we’ve included Qualman’s original video from June 2011.

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