Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones Showdown Over Gun Control

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  • Radio talk show host Alex Jones appeared on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” to continue the nationwide political debate over gun control, which became a media hot topic after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

    While Morgan stands in favor of stricter gun laws, with Jones fearing the government’s ability to take away citizens’ firearms, that’s not the only point of tension between the two hosts. According to CNN, Jones is also responsible for leading a White House petition to deport Morgan back to the UK for undermining the U.S. Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment.

    Our friends at Visible Measures racked up the stats on the whole viral incident, reporting that online audiences have uploaded over 65 clips of the interview and have viewed the event over 4 million times, with those numbers climbing fast.

    To provide some context around how big these numbers are, the Visible Measures team also compared it to the buzz around other recent events related to the gun policy debate, namely the NRA’s press conference responding to the Newtown shooting and President Obama’s tearful press conference in the wake of the Newtown tragedy.

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