Food For Louis Eats a Worm Cupcake and Crickets Live on What’s Trending

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  • On his channel, Food For Louis, Louis Cole devours insects, roadkill, eyeballs and other non-traditional foods for the amusement of his nearly 200,000 subscribers. So when he agreed to stop by What’s Trending, we prepared accordingly, by ordering up a mason jar full of live crickets and a special worm-filled cupcake. (Don’t worry, all the crickets and worms are fresh, and we washed our hands first.)

    And as an added bonus, Louis peer pressures What’s Trending host Shira Lazar into eating a live cricket with him during the show! Trust us, it’s real – just look at the disgusted grimace on co-host Beau Ryan’s face. He may never recover.

    “As a kid, I probably did do a lot of stupid stuff but I’ve done a lot of traveling as well. In places like Zambia, they eat locusts like it’s kind of a normal thing,” he says. “So, I’ve been open-minded and thought, ‘Oh, it would be cool to see what other people in the world do and try it out and test the boundaries of our social…'” he continues to say, at which point he and Shira discuss embedding his quirky project into a social context.

    Speaking of social influence, Louis is also involved with different charities for teenagers and youths. “And then this YouTube stuff, I kind of stumbled into it.”

    He also throws out this bold statement: “People describe my videos as the dark side of YouTube,” continuing, “I can see what they’re saying.” He actually got an email from an angry viewer who vomited on her laptop after watching his latest video, “Eating Penis Slow Motion.” It’s a deer penis, for the record.

    Next up on the dinner plate? “I’m going to try to eat a live octupus, which is actually a Korean delicacy,” Louis reveals. Yum. But there are risk factors involved. “If the suckers manage to suck on your throat while you’re swallowing, they can choke you to death,” he says.

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