YouTube Sensation Miranda Sings Original Duet with Bree Essrig, Talks About Being a World Famous Superstar
  • Unlike other celebrities, who are single, double or triple-threats, Miranda is a five-threat – singing, acting, dancing, modeling and magic. Hear here talk about her journey to YouTube, her favorite beauty and style tips, her goals for 2013 (which include winning Person of the Year and the presidency) and much much more.

    “I’ve always been famous, it’s just now people know,” she informs us. “I needed to get them to know. So, I thought what better way than to start putting my videos on YouTube to get the world to know about my talent?”

    She’s so influential that every major record label is after her to sign a contract, but she’s working hard right now on recording her own songs on casette tapes. She also cites her musical inspiration as herself.

    While we had her in the studio, we couldn’t pass up the chance to ask Miranda to share her modeling tips and singing warmups with host Shira Lazar. Shira’s technique wasn’t quite up to par with Miranda’s, but what can you expect in the company of an international superstar?

    Finally, be amazed as Miranda performs the world famous duet “I Am Better Than Bree Essrig” with special guest Bree Essrig!

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