Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet Hopeful for Spinoff Series After ‘Selling Sunset’

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Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet are aiming for their own spinoff series after the ‘Selling Sunset’ franchise comes to an end.

At BELLA’s celebration of its debut insider issue, the Hollywood issue, at The Godfrey Hotel Hollywood”  featuring Selling Sunset stars Mary and Romain Bonnet, the two stars sat down with What’s Trending to discuss their upcoming future goals.

Bonnet went on to mention as far as their future that two are hoping to have a new show after the Netflix series sunsets.

In response to the idea of the spinoff, Fitzgerald’s husband went on to say, “Well, just because me as a project manager, and her as a real estate agent, I think if we could find a spinoff about flipping houses, which is what we want to do, eventually, like Heather and Tarek. So that would be amazing.

Jason Oppenheim, Mary Fitzgerald, Nicole Young, and Romain Bonnet pictured in Los Angeles.
Jason Oppenheim, Mary Fitzgerald, Nicole Young, and Romain Bonnet pictured in Los Angeles. PHOTO: Michelle Behre Photography


Fitzgerald, who has been managing multiple properties as of late, went on to say agree saying, “I really don’t think if people see him, who he is, he’s actually so funny.”

The real estate agent even went on to point out that the show does not give audiences a chance to see her husband for who he truly is.


“He’s actually really, really has a lot of personality, and I don’t think the show portrays that.” Fitzgerald mentions. “And I think that a lot of it, if they actually got the chance to see it, they would absolutely fall in love with him. And the combination between him and the construction world, and me in the real estate world, I think we could do really well.

Mary went on to say that ‘Selling Sunset’ as of now is ‘top priority’ but mentioned that “the world needs to see him officially.”

As many recall, Mary revealed via Instagram in March 2023 that she suffered a septic miscarriage. “We did get pregnant and unfortunately that didn’t work out,” she wrote at the time, revealing that she underwent surgery. The pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage were showcased on Selling Sunset season 7, which premiered in November 2023.

As far as other future plans, the two mentioned they are taking some time for themselves coming up to the Maldives.

Fitzgerald mentioned, “We’re doing a romantic getaway to just reconnect. And that’s super, super important to us. We do it at least once a year, like a proper vacation.

She also went on to mention, “It’s taken quite a few years to figure it out, but we started going on stay-cations.”


There is yet to be a release date for the upcoming season of ‘Selling Sunset’ as of this time, but fans can keep up with all of the latest on Netflix.

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