5 Tips for Writing the Best Movie Analysis Essays

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Professors love giving out all kinds of assignments to their students. Until you graduate, you will have to complete different projects, write many essays, and do some creative exploration as well. Writing homework is one of the most common assignments that you will get as a student. Teachers use this type of paper to understand your knowledge of the given topic.

Apart from this, writing and expressing your thoughts on paper can significantly improve your analysis and writing skills. It’s not easy to analyze something and provide your unique insight into the subject! One of the best examples of this type of task is a literature or a movie review. Here, you have to take something that is a completed project and break it down for the reader.

There might be some films that are relevant to your class, or your teacher just wants to see the assessment skills of the class. In any case, you can always use an expert essay writer service like pay for essay writing at EssayHub for your papers. Movie analysis is not the most common assignment that you can get in college, but it happens more often than you think! So it’s always better to be prepared.

Still not sure where to start with your writing homework? Here are 5 tips for writing the best movie analysis essays!

What is the structure of a movie analysis paper?

Just like with any other written assignment, students are expected to follow a solid structure in their papers. Professors always pay attention to such details, as well as your grammar and punctuation, citations, and a correct referencing style. This will also make your writing process easier in the future because you already have a preliminary structure to rely on.

So what should you include in your analysis essay?

  • introduction. The introductory part is very important for reader engagement.
  • Thesis statement. This is where you need to explain the purpose of the paper in one sentence.
  • Summary of the film. Your reader might not be familiar with the plot or the main theme.
  • Analysis. Try to include the assessment of the scenario, acting, visual elements, the whole premise, and character development.
  • Conclusion. Here, you need to restate your thesis statement and your main arguments.
  • Bibliography. Follow online guides or look for an academic essay format for doing a reference list correctly. Your teacher will definitely pay attention to this part!

Tips on creating a perfect movie review essay

Not that you know the basics of your paper, it’s time to think about the actual writing. It can be hard to watch a film and try to analyze it at first, especially when you have a specific question in mind. With these helpful tips, your writing process might become a little easier!


Make some notes while you are watching the film

Lots of people have issues with reflecting on the specific details of the movie after they watched it. When you finish a movie, you can remember the plot or the overall acting, but you might forget some details along the way, which might be critical for your assessment! So, it’s always a good idea to take some notes and reflect on them when you start your assignment.

Don’t limit yourself to only analyzing the plot

Movies are often not only about the plot, but overall composition, visual and musical elements, and the performance of the main characters. Students have to explore all of these aspects in order to write a great analysis. Try looking for the best paper writing services 2022 if you need some help! Of course, a lot depends on your original task and the assignment question.

State your clear opinion, even if it’s not a popular one

Your teacher is looking for an in-depth evaluation and your own thoughts. There is no value in an essay if it just copies something from the internet! Of course, students can still look for inspiration, clues, and interesting facts that they can use later in their evaluation. Here are some places where you can start:

  • online reviews from the critics;
  • original book, if the movie was based on one;
  • commentaries from the producers and directors;
  • websites that analyze clues and endings of the films.

Add examples from other films that support your arguments

It’s not enough to just state your opinion. This would make your essay exploratory or descriptive instead of analytical. Learners need to add supporting arguments to every new thought that they introduce to the reader. It’s even better when you can include a citation with an exact moment from the film or a link to the original source.

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Set aside one day for reflection and editing

This is generally good advice for any type of written homework that you might have in the future. Most students experience problems with noticing tiny mistakes in their papers. Also, you might not even like your arguments or the structure of the essay the next day. So, make sure that you have enough time before the deadline comes to re-read everything and edit if needed!

To Sum Up

So there you have it, 5 tips for writing the best movie analysis essays! Any kind of assessment is not an easy task for students. You might feel like you don’t have enough insight into the subject, especially when you are not that interested in it. Still, with the help of the internet and online experts, you can produce a film evaluation that can be pretty good!


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