“You Deserve A Drink” Mixologist Mamrie Hart Whips Up Cocktails with Ross Everett and Sean Klitzner

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  • Pun master and mixologist Mamrie Hart takes a break from concocting drinks on her own “You Deserve a Drink” series to join Ross Everett and Sean Klitzner at the What’s Trending studio bar! Find out exactly what goes into mixing a “7-Up Yours” and “Close My Eyes, Put Some Things in a Jug” and how you can make them for yourself.

    We also chatted with the funny lady about her various ongoing and upcoming projects in the worlds of YouTube, comedy, and music.

    When asked whether she deserves a drink, Mamrie answered confidently, “Every day and that’s why I give it to myself.”

    Though many fans are speculating about Mamrie’s possible relocation to L.A., she confirms that she’s just here for a few months. “I’m liking LA because I want a dog,” she says. “But I already have a pet drinking problem.”

    When she’s back in New York, you can catch her performing with her UCB sketch comedy group BoF, with which she holds a highly coveted world record: most RuPaul puns in a minute. (“You better work!”) Of course, this is not to stump her own world record for most vegetarian corn dogs eaten while doing the dance from “Thriller.” (The record is two by the way.)

    Here in L.A., she also brings down the house with live NerdMelt #NOFILTER comedy shows along with pals Grace Helbig (Daily Grace) and Hannah Hart (“My Drunk Kitchen“) at Meltdown Comics. Even though they just started this, they have plans to go on the road!

    In case you’re not already impressed enough, she also has a band called Cudzoo and the Faggettes!

    Finally, we get the expert’s go-to drink: “My classic is a gin gimlet, no simple syrup, straight up, super cold.” Those cartoon men with the red bulbous noses reeking of gin? That’s her spirit animal.

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