Comedian Doug Benson Previews “The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled,” “Chronic-Con” and 420 Plans

Comedian Doug Benson Previews "The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled," "Chronic-Con" and 420 Plans
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Doug Benson‘s documentary “Super High Me” followed the comic as he gave up weed smoking entirely for a month (the horror!) and then smoked constantly for another month. Ever since, he’s been scanning about for his next great movie idea. Now, Benson’s releasing “The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled,” exclusively on Chill, and yet again he’s been inspired by fellow documentarian Morgan Spurlock. This time, Benson and partner-in-crime Graham Elwood are touring the nation, doing comedy and raising money to make a documentary… about touring the nation and doing comedy.

    Benson sat down with Shira Lazar to talk about making the movie, how touring constantly isn’t really that big a deal and his follow-up to “Greatest Movie Ever Rolled,” a stoned journey to San Diego Comic-Con titled “Chronic-Con!”

    “This movie is virtually conflict-free,” he says of his latest feature. “It’s just a fun look at life on the road. They show a lot of my stand-up and then a lot of smoking sessions with the fans after the shows. “

    For the six or seven years since “Super High Me” was released, Benson’s received many queries about when he’ll launch a sequel, he really wasn’t sure how to top that original format. Plus, other drugs and alcohol just wouldn’t do the trick. “There’s nothing else that, if you consume it constantly, it won’t just wreck your life after a certain period of time.”

    So, he piggybacked off of Spurlock’s “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” and made “The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled.” Problem solved! Then Spurlock made a “Comic-Con” documentary, so Benson produced his own “Chronic-Con” version.

    But now he’s in a jam. Spurlock’s next film is about British boy band One Direction. How will Benson ever compete with that?

    With 4/20 coming up, Benson tells us that he’ll be recording his next comedy album in San Francisco on that day. The perfect way for others to celebrate? “Come see me,” he says.

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