Wil Wheaton Explains To Newborn Girl Why Being A Nerd Is Awesome

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  • On April 27 at the Calgary Comic Expo, actor/writer/dad/geek hero Wil Wheaton (“Star Trek,” “Big Bang Theory,” “The Guild”) was asked to explain to a newborn girl why being a nerd is so awesome. The young girl’s mother, Jennifer Black-Moir, recorded Wheaton’s roughly four-minute speech, later uploading it to YouTube to share with the world.

    Wheaton says, “I think a lot of us have realized that being a nerd […] it’s not about what you love. It’s about how you love it. So, there’s a thing in your life that you’re going to love […] it doesn’t matter what it is. They way you love that and the way that you find other people who love it the way you do is what makes being a nerd awesome.”

    He concludes by saying, “Listen. This is really important. I want you to be honest, honorable, kind. I want you to work hard because everything worth doing is hard. And I want you to be awesome.”

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