Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel On “Rapture-Palooza,” Google Glass Porn, and Surviving the Apocalypse

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  • With the horror comedy “Rapture-Palooza” hitting theaters and VOD this Friday, June 7, Shira Lazar and Ethan Newberry sit down to chat with the hilarious Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel, who are kind enough to share their thoughts on failed Kickstarters for sexy kids clothes, Benghazi, Google Glass Porn and surviving the apocalypse.

    As Huebel points out, since the movie comes out in theaters and on demand on the same day, if viewers choose, they can technically watch it on the big screen and on their phones or tablets at the same time.

    But that’s not all the material Huebel has with which to sell the film. Here’s his elevator pitch: “What if everyone got raptured and the only people left behind are the crappy people and it starts raining blood, but then, you know Craig Robinson from ‘The Office’? He’s the antichrist.” Catch that twist there?

    Scheer adds, “Basically, last year everyone talked about the apocalypse. By the time a script is written and made, it takes about a year and a half. So it’s about a year and a half late, but I feel like we have fond memories of when everyone was talking about the rapture.”

    As it turns out, they’re actually right on trend. Apocalypse comedy films seem to be all the rage right now.

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