Orlando Jones and CaptainSparklez Face Off On Halo 4 and Talk Machinima’s “Tainted Love” Series

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  • It’s Ford Fiesta week on What’s Trending and we’ll be hanging out with #FiestaMovement agents in the studio every day! This Monday, Sean Klitzner joins us to chat and game with Orlando Jones, star of Machinima’s graphic novel action comedy, “Tainted Love,” and one of YouTube’s hottest gamers, CaptainSparklez a.k.a Jordan Maron.

    Last time Jones was in the studio, he was chatting about his “Meridian” web series with Mystery Guitar Man, and now he has his “Tainted Love” series on Machinima, so it’s safe to say he’s comfortable about moving into the online space.

    “It’s just another platform and it’s just as valid as movies or TV or anything else to me,” he says. “I kind of love it and it’s fun for me.”

    Back in the gaming realm, the Captain answers some fan questions about Minecraft, citing YouTube’s Hypixel as the best destination for custom maps and scripted events. He also reveals that he went to this year’s E3 conference and tried a few new products, which have yet to be released. Specifically, he was blown away by Oculus Rift, a 3D virtual headset.

    Jones chimes in to agree that the augmented reality device is awesome and that the “Tainted Love” team is even working on an AR game for the online series.

    Still, Jones is planted firmly in the world of traditional media, with his “Sleepy Hollow” series premiering on FOX this Fall. After having recently filmed the pilot in Charlotte, NC, Jones teases, “It’s sort of like National Treasure meets a summer Blockbuster. It’s really big.”

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