5SOS’s Michael Clifford Announces He is Married and Shocks His Fans

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In surprising news, 5SOS’s Michael Clifford announces he is married and has been for a year. In an exclusive interview with People, the magazine reveals Michael Clifford married his long-term girlfriend Crystal Leigh in a secret ceremony that was held last year. Clifford then tweeted some very precious photos with the announcement, surprising his fans and then trending on Twitter as people congratulated his marriage.

According to People, the two wanted to marry in Bali on their dating anniversary of January 11th. Due to Covid, however, they decided to postpone Bali until it was safer to travel and hosted a secret gathering, happening after they signed the documents with only their wedding party there. Of course, Clifford’s bandmates were there to celebrate.

Twitter’s reaction

Many fans were eager to celebrate with Clifford, congratulating the couple and feeling excited to celebrate with them while also observing the beautiful photos that came from the intimate wedding. Many fans also remembered when the two announced their relationship, so they felt nostalgic to remember how long they have been fans of Clifford.

Though the couple plans to have their dream wedding in Bali, which would be more traditional with walking down the aisle and wedding cake, the small ceremony was still fun, as the two were excited to have friends together they haven’t seen in a while, according to People.


Overall, it looked like a beautiful gathering even if it was not what the couple had originally intended, as COVID-19 ruined a lot of people’s plans for weddings, concerts, and vacations. But it looks like they made the best out of a bad situation, and the “‘random assortment of meat pies and vegan fried chicken'” that Clifford said was a part of the meal sounds delicious.

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