Kingsley and Stephanie Cook Dish Their Best Dating Advice For Desperate Redditors
  • In honor of Kingsley and Stephanie’s new YouTube show, “Direct Message,” we went to to pull the a few dating questions for them to answer.

    On dealing with long-distance flirting, Kingsley advises, “You don’t want to be annoying. You don’t want to be creepy and take it too far. If he keeps talking to her and pushing her, she’s probably not going to respond.”

    Stephanie adds, “Girls just want you to be honest, be straight up told what you want. I have guys from college that now write to me saying, ‘Oh, I wish I would’ve said this.’ And I’m like, ‘Now, it’s too late! I’ve already moved to L.A.'”

    But if you find someone flirting with you, and then paying all their attention to someone else, Kingsley says, “Kick him to the curb. Obviously, he’s not serious.”

    Then, of course, there’s the tough love that comes with coping with rejection. Kingsley offers for one particular troubled pursuer, “He clearly needs to chill out, because he probably think he’s killing it, but they’re giving him fake numbers. He needs to relax.”

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