Is Gambit A Useless Superhero?

Is Gambit A Useless Superhero?
By Brianna Baxter
  • If you thought Professor X was hard on Wolverine, check out how he lets go of Gambit in the newest installment of the Pete Holmes’ “Ex-Men” series.

    Gambit’s only super power is to turn the energy of an object into kinetic energy, and then chuck it somewhere. And, as Professor X points out, without stuff to throw, he is pretty much worthless…which is why he then asks Gambit to just “throw himself” out of his office.

    Sorry Gambit, throwing stuff is about as useful to society as the Snuggie… Seriously, it’s a backwards robe.

    Anyway, “The Pete Holmes Show” premieres on October 28th after “Conan” at midnight/11 central.