"ElfQuest" Brought To Life Through Social Media and Fan Dedication
  • by Devin Brown

    Two women’s love of a comic and the unlimited power of social media have made a childhood dream come to life. After Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes connected through Twitter over their shared love of the fantasy comic “ElfQuest,” the web women united to do something that film studios have failed to do for the last decade.

  • hrough crowd-sourcing, Rhodes and Thorpe were able to raise the funds and support to create a fan movie trailer for the “ElfQuest” graphic novel series.  With the blessing of the “ElfQuest” creators and Screen Actors Guild, the ladies created a four-minute film that brought their childhood fantasies to life and let them be apart of the world that means so much to them.

    An studio-produced animated version of “ElfQuest” is due out in 2013.