Paul Scheer and Chris Hardwick are Funny and Busy

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  • This week’s What’s Trending panel included comedians Paul Scheer and Chris Hardwick; two of the hardest working and most hilarious guys around.

  • You may know Chris Hardwick from his G4 show Web Soup, his Nerdist podcast or his uproarious stand-up, but Hardwick revealed that he has even more plans up the sleeves of his “Groverfield” T-shirt.  He has a TV version of his podcast that will be coming to BBC America soon and he wrote a book.

    “It’s a productivity book for nerdy-minded people,” Hardwick said.  He went on to explain that all of the tools that made him a nerd as a child, are now the skills that he needs.  The one downside is that he rarely has any time in his busy schedule for gaming.  He joked, “If I played World of Warcraft online, I would never do anything else.”

    As for Paul Scheer he might even be busier than Chris.  He stars in The League on FX, NTSF:SD:SUV on Adult Swim, and the HBO show Funny or Die presents, as well as performing live and doing his podcast How Did This Get Made.

    Scheer proudly told us that his 15 minute Adult Swim procedural parody show has, “the most acronyms on television with the most colons.”  He then explained that although there are many normal dolphins, they had a serial killer dolphin on the show that did need to be taken down.

    Scheer is so busy that he has apparently not gotten in to Dr. Who, a fact that was met with a physical attack by Hardwick.

    Shira had to work to keep a straight face as the panelist had the whole studio laughing before we even really got into our first topic.


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