"All My Children" Ends All The Drama Today
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  • For four decades the iconic daytime soap opera “All My Children” has brought love, lust intrigue, back stabbings, death, and resurrection to the small screen. But all things juicy and decadent must ultimately come to an end, at least in the world of television. Today, the series finale of the Emmy-award winning saga aired on ABC and will again on SOAPnet tonight.

    Never fear, the Internet may save the characters of Pine Valley from fading into TV obscurity. The show is slated to return online. While the new start date is pending, faithful long-term viewers mourn the end of “All My Children’” traditional telly days.

  • Over the years, “All My Children” has proven to be one of the most progressive soaps to shake things up by showing the first same-sex kiss on daytime television, and creating a storyline around transgender issues. But the most unforgettable night in the show’s history is when Susan Lucci (aka Erica Kane) won the daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress after being nominated 19 times.

    What’s your favorite “All My Children” moment?

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