Romany Malco and Mark Frauenfelder
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  • This week’s What’s Trending panel included the talented Romany Malco and veteran blogger and maker, Mark Fraunfelder.

    Mark Fraunfelder is one of the co-founders of the legendary blog Boing Boing. He’s also a well-known DIY expert and the editor and chief of Make magazine. What’s has Mark made recently? A machine that rotates your organic peanut butter to keep the oil from settling. Mark’s book about ‘making’ is coming out in paperback next month.

    He has appeared in movies like Baby Mama and 40-year-old Virgin and on shows like Weeds and No Ordinary Family, but if you’re watching our show, you might know Romany Malco from his his hilarious online character, Tijuana Jackson. Romany joked that “People like him more than they like me.” Romany will next be seen on TV in an upcoming role on The Good Wife, which Malco teased with, “there is a huge shocker involved in my role.”

    Another fascinating and fun What’s Trending panel ready for a great show.