Nick Kroll and Alison Haislip on What's Trending
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  • The League is premiering this Thursday on FX and Nick Kroll who’s character Ruxin won the league last season teased us about this season by saying, “the reign of Ruxin is awful and powerful.” Nick showed a clip from an upcoming episode and joked about just how much he loves watching himself on TV. According to Nick, “If you have a group of friends that you hate, then you will like The League.”

  • We’re all fans of American Ninja Warrior host Alison Haislip, especially Nick Kroll. Based on the fact that she’s made it past the dreaded quad-steps on the show, we think she’s pretty close becoming an actual ninja.

    Alison is also quite the gamer and gave high marks to Gears of War 3. She also talked about the upcoming release of Rage, “I wasn’t excited about it when I first saw it, but the more I learned about the game, the more I’m like ‘this is gonna be pretty sweet.'”

    Just from meeting our guest we knew we were in for another great episode of What’s Trending.