Occupy YouTube’s Music Videos
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  • This week INDMUSIC will be at CMJ with The Deli Magazine sponsoring five showcases.  So many amazing bands are playing we would blow our word count mentioning all of them, but you can see the complete list here https:// bit.ly/indmusiccmj2011. Be sure to stop by if you are in NYC.

  • Featured Bands:

    Ground Zero and the Global Block Collective politics aside, we love a good song of protest.  The video for “Occupy Freedom” combines powerful images with great rhymes.  If this video is a sign of protest songs to come, we’re in for some great music.

    Murs has worked with greats of hip-hop including 9 Wonder and Living Legends Crew.  In “316 Ways” we get great lyrics skewering the record industry intercut with cool black and white city footage.  We really miss Murs’ beard though. Best in the game.

    Ume gives us explosions and girls with guitars! This band knows what the people want and gives it to you for long enough to leave you wanting more.  The visuals of “Captive” are stunning and the song is fun, look for big things from this band.

    Noddy brings us a synth-heavy dance tune with “Black Heart.”  The name might not scream, “Dance to this,” but the video certainly does with split screens, painting (walls and people), and more handclaps than you’ll know what to do with.  A great  song to start the working week.

    Young Beautiful in a Hurry gives us this hilarious video for “I Don’t Want To Die a Virgin.”  Halloween is coming! What better way to celebrate than good ol’ fashion zombie gore?  The director of this video, Bear McCeary also happens to be the composer for The Walking Dead, I hope he got the band a discount on zombies and blood.

    To see our break down of all the videos and watch the playlist please visit https://www.youtube.com/indmusic


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