Greater Than Tebow Thread Explodes on ESPN Blog
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  • Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow may be having a rough time on the football field, but that is nothing compared to the hits that people are giving him online. In the last week or so no less that three major Tebow-themed memes have appeared. The latest one has come in the from of an ESPN blog thread that has over 5,000 comments!

    It started with an article by Bill Williamson on the ESPN blog, proposing how John Elway and the Broncos should be looking for options in the event that Tim Tebow doesn’t work out at QB. One commenter posted, ‘Ryan Leaf > Tebow.’

    That simple formula, “X > (is greater than) Tebow.” took off with unprecedented velocity. At one point on Wednesday the blog was getting roughly 100 comments per minute. And, it’s still going. strong totally more than 5,000 posts at the moment.

    Every area of life and pop culture is being pulled into the meme, from Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Groupon’s IPO. The thread is moving so fast that you have to pause the updates in order to read it.

    Here are just a few of of the comments that caught our eye.


    Being the cup in “Two Girls, One Cup” > Tebow


    Waking up in a bathtub full of ice and your kidneys are missing > Tebow


    Dating Mike Tyson in the 1990′s > Tebow


    Bill Williamson getting an E-mail notification after each comment on his blog post > Tim Tebow


    Dale Earnhardt Jrs career > Tebow.


    Mr. Furley > Tebow

    And a few more from Twitter…

  • What do think is “greater than” Tebow?