First Look! Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer

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  • Universal hopes to capitalize on the buzz building towards the final two Twilight films, by releasing a first look teaser of their Snow White re-imagining. The cult of Twilight will have a lot to hang onto here, with their leading lady, Kristen Stewart, looking particularly bad ass in this super stylized adaptation of the classic fairytale.

    Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth also star, and are heavily featured in the teaser – though I can’t help but wonder “where are the seven dwarfs?” – we get a look at them in the poster (including Ian McShane, Nick Frost, & Bob Hoskins to name a few), but not in the teaser. Anyway, the film doesn’t release till June 1st of next year, so I’m assuming we’ll see more of them soon, until then we’ll just have to enjoy the gorgeous visuals provided. Take a look at Snow White and the Huntsman!

  • Also, take a sneak peak at the character posters!

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